When it comes logistics, timing, and execution, we know exactly how hectic your wedding day can be. So, here are some tips to help you on the day from all of us who have been there. Our goal is to help your wedding day go as smooth as possible. We thought the best way to do this would be to break the day into 3 main sections and talk about nine ways to ensure you and everyone involved have a fun, laid back wedding day!

Getting Ready

bride getting makeup on bride and bridesmaids saying cheers at the westin Jersey City NJ

  1.  Plan Extra time

    Sometimes makeup artist and hair stylists run late, things need to be sewn, or it just takes longer to get ready than you thought… leave extra time for these possible moments so you can be a bit more laid back.

  2. Relax, laugh a little, have fun

    Our main goal is to help you have fun and enjoy your day! You will be nervous, but take your nerves out by dancing around with your squad, watching a funny movie, or just talking about funny moments from the past. Have a few drinks to loosen up… and we mean only a FEW

  3. Have the details together

    Having all of the details together even before you start to get ready will relieve a ton of stress. Everything will be ready to go when your photographer comes to photograph all of the details. Great things to have together are your jewelry, shoes, and invitation. Anything that you will be using or wearing is important!

Groups and Intimates

bride and groom kissing with umbrella bridesmaids laughing with bride at the knowlton mansion philadelphia pa

  1. Have drinks ready

    Even if not alcoholic, it’s always good to have drinks for all of your wedding party, they will be parched from all of the celebrating. Some alcohol never hurts though, you don’t get photographed every day so just a little bit will help you to relax.

  2. Have fun!

    Don’t be afraid to make silly faces, dance around, or throw some of your own poses into the mix! Have fun with it, the excitement and happiness will help everyone else feel a lot more laid back and it will come across in the photos!

  3. Trust your photographer

    Trust that your photographer knows where the best spot is for photographs, knows lighting, and knows how to pose. Your photographer might have you do some poses that feel uncomfortable, but usually, those are the ones that look the best. Also, trust that they will capture your best angle and that too close feeling… it’s just close enough.

wedding flower bouquet with signature drink at the knowlton mansion philadelphia pa


cocktail hour food at the knowlton mansion philadelphia pa bride and groom dancing with guests

  1. Dance!

    It may seem a little obvious… but some couples get so wrapped up in talking to people that they forget to relax and have fun! So, go, get out there on the dance floor and shake your booty!

  2. Eat!

    This is another obvious one but again often forgotten. It takes a lot of energy to keep up with the busy schedule of your wedding day. So be sure to eat and refuel.

  3. Let your DJ/ MC run the show.

    You went over the schedule, you checked it twice, you made sure everything was accounted for, now let the DJ/MC handle it. This is another time where trust comes into place, trust that your vendors are professionals and know how to manage the schedule. Once the reception starts the timeline is out of your control, so let it go.