I will admit it, when I first met Heather from Leo Design Gallery I thought she would be like all the other planners I have worked with. We were mainly worried that she would get in my way and not let us capture the day we set out for. I was wrong in every way. She coordinated with us well in advance to make sure our timeline was kept the way we planned it, and in fact, really helped us execute our vision.

We really enjoy working with professionals that do just that, make our job easier and more fun to do! So, when the Leo team wanted to sit down and talk about other projects we could do together we jumped on it. We have now collaborated on two major styled shoots, resulting in gorgeous magazine spreads, as well as few weddings we just love!

As I got to know Heather and Greg (the owners) more, I realized they are so much more than just wedding planners/designers. These two have such a great energy and style, and they bring that to every project they do. Along side a dedicated staff, they can transform any space or event into something you will never forget! We talked with the duo in a very candid interview and shared a ton of laughs. Here are some of the biggest take aways from that interview. Enjoy!

Leo Design Gallery Reading Philadelphia PA wedding planner

In your words, how would you describe what Leo Design Gallery is?

“LEO Design Gallery is an event planning company and design production firm based in Philadelphia.  Award winner of the PHL 17 Philly Hot List and also featured on America’s Best, LEO has gained national attention for extraordinary events that surpass imagination.  Under the direction of founder Heather Pasko, and lead designer Gregory Paul, LEO has become one of the  most trusted names in the industry.  In addition to event planning and design, LEO also produces LEO Weddings Magazine and provides online resources to help anyone plan the perfect event.”

Leo Design Gallery Reading Philadelphia PA wedding planner

What are all the kind of products or services you provide?

“LEO events are unique and reflect the personality of each client.  Through event planning and stylish rentals, we are able to not only help the client have a stress free event but also bring their dreams to life visually.  Plus, the whole   process becomes easier as everything they need (from linens to furniture) is under one roof.   Additionally, we feature a personal network of the finest wedding professionals, venue spaces, and creative minds working together to create events unparalleled by any other event organization.  LEO also features Showrooms and a wedding magazine, as well as a trusted online source that showcases the best-of-the-best vendors in the area around each city where a LEO Showroom is located.  They also feature a wonderland of design ideas, fabrics, rentals, lighting, and more!”

In an ever growing industry what would you say separates you from others?

“Experience in the industry is key.  Anyone can say they are an event planner or designer, but what is their experience?   How many events have they worked on?  How long have they been in business?  Again, anyone can purchase a nice website with stock photos.  We at LEO have been in business for close to 20 years and have produced over a thousand plus events.  In addition, we have a full in house design company.  That means we cut out the middle man and are able to rent products at a better rate saving our clients hundreds of dollars.” 

What is your process when taking on a major project like a wedding?

“Really it’s all about getting to know the client.  We are not about cookie cutter events.  We want the event to be exactly what the client imagines, only better.  So we take a lot of time getting to know the clients likes and dislikes.  Then we build from there.   We give suggestions, that will save time and money, we guide, and we become a trusted friend that they can talk to.  Leo becomes their rock and then help them rock their wedding day!”

What are the design trends you are seeing for 2017/2018?

“We’re back to big!  Posh, large centerpieces with lots of greens.  Lighting is everything and events are being transformed with Edison bulbs, glamourous chandeliers and effect lighting.  In addition, there are more personalized spaces being created with soft seating furniture near the bar or outside the tent under the stars.” 

Leo Design Gallery Reading Philadelphia PA wedding planner

What would your autobiography be called?

After The Event / One woman’s journey working in the business of perfection”

You’re a new addition to the crayon box.

“What color would you be and why?  Black Shimmer.  It’s always stylish, sleek and a bit sparkly.  What’s not to love?”

Leo Design Gallery Reading Philadelphia PA wedding planner

The Leo group does it all with style and personality! They offer your vision brought to life, at a budget that anyone can fit into! Next time you are thinking of throwing an event that is meant to wow and surprise your guests, contact Heather and Greg. You won’t be disappointed! You can see and learn more about Leo at their website: leodesigngallery.com